A Quick Guide to Wang Prom Yellow Balm

Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry is currently estimated to be worth a staggering $1.3 Trillion upwards, and that trend only looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Whether we suffer from a headache, a migraine, a sore back, a stiff neck, aching muscles, cold and flu symptoms, or any other minor or major ailment for that matter, we often find ourselves turning to prescription and/or OTC (over the counter) drugs and medications to offer temporary relief from these symptoms.

Instead of relying on artificial chemicals produced and manufactured in a laboratory, why not do what many people in the Far East have been doing for thousands of years, and turn to Mother Nature for a helping hand instead?

With natural herbal products such as Wang Prom Yellow Balm, we can treat a number of ailments naturally, as Mother Nature herself intended.

Here’s a look at why products such as Wang Prom Yellow Balm have proved to be so popular.

What is Wang Prom Yellow Balm?

Wang Prom Yellow Balm is an organic and highly versatile ointment made from all-natural herbal ingredients renowned for their healing effects on the mind, body, and the soul.

The balm contains herbal ingredients which, when applied to the skin or inhaled, can help to soothe aches and pains and open up the airways respectively.

This balm is designed to offer relief from aches, pains, sprains, sore muscles, cold symptoms, congestion, rashes, insect bites, burns, headaches, and more besides.

There is a direct competitor for this yellow balm, its called Siang Pure Yellow Balm, you should check it out!

Brief history of Wang Prom

Back in Thailand in 1995, Mr Chalerm and Mrs Pranom Wangprom decided they wished to start creating their own products for medicinal purposes and so they purchased herbs and ready-made balms from local merchants.

Shortly after, they opened up their own store located in the RaiKhing Temple and sold herbs for healing purposes. The herbal ingredients proved to be a hit locally and as the years ticked by, they began learning more and more about herbs and natural ingredients and their healing properties.

In 1997 they made their first balm, known as Plai Balm (Yellow Balm), using ingredients which were designed primarily to treat aches and pains.

Again, locals instantly fell in love with the balm as it contained ingredients which initially made the skin feel hot and tingly, before leaving a cool and numbing sensation afterwards that provided pain relief and a pleasant sensation.

Now, with over two and a half decades’ worth of experience, Wang Prom Yellow Balm is considered to be Thailand’s most popular cool balm, proving to be a best-seller that is also becoming increasingly popular in the West.

The yellow balm is not the only balm they have made, they also make a Green and Blue balm


When is the best time to use Wang Prom Yellow Balm?

Okay, so now that we know more about Wang Prom Yellow Balm, let’s take a look at a few examples of when the balm may be needed:

After a workout

If you’re physically active and have just completed a workout, or physically demanding manual labour, your muscles will likely be sore and stiff.

Simply massage the balm onto your sore muscles and the ingredients will help to ease inflammation, boost circulation, and reduce pain and muscle soreness.

To treat aching joints

If you suffer with aching joints, perhaps from arthritis for example, Wang Prom Yellow Balm contains active ingredients which reduce inflammation, which in turn can ease swelling caused by arthritis, thereby offering instant pain relief. Here you can see 5 other great balms to help too!

To treat an insect bite

There’s nothing more annoying than an insect bite that is so itchy you can’t stop scratching, which in turn makes it painful.

If you’ve experienced a painful insect bite, or insect bites, just massage a generous amount of the balm onto the bite and wait for it to work its magic.