Tiger Balm Red Is The Best Balm For Alleviating Pain

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Nobody likes suffering from pain, such as joint pain, back pain, arthritis pain, or muscular pain. That’s why it’s important to have a pain-relieving balm available to distract our minds from the pain while improving our blood circulation. Tiger Balm red achieves this with its proven ingredients:

⦁ Menthol
⦁ Camphor
⦁ Cajuput oil
⦁ Mint oil
⦁ Clove oil
⦁ Cassia oil

The menthol and camphor, along with the clove oil and cassia oil, help promote blood flow close to the skin’s surface. This creates a warming sensation that alleviates any pain or stiffness. This combination helps slow the transmission of pain impulses.

This is especially useful for those who work manual labor or exercise heavily. Even those who don’t get enough exercise throughout the day and work in a sedentary lifestyle need relief from back pain.

Sitting at a desk all day every day can do a number on the back muscles. Fortunately, everyone from desk workers to laborers will benefit from the application of Red Tiger Balm.

Red Tiger Balm is for more than just back and joint pain. Applying Tiger Balm to the forehead (making sure to avoid the eyes) is a better option than taking over-the-counter pain relief pills for headaches. It’s a great alternative since many over-the-counter pain relief pills for headaches have uncomfortable side effects from stomach pain to nausea.

Relieving neck and shoulder pain with Red Tiger Balm is another way to take care of headaches. Some headaches are caused by muscle strains on the neck and upper shoulders. Reducing pain in this area can keep headaches away.

When it comes to aches and pains, Red Tiger Balm can help alleviate any discomfort quickly. Blocking the pain nerve signals is not only good for alleviating pain, but it’s good for quickly relieving the itchiness of bug bites.

You can read more into the ingredients of Red Tiger Balm here.