Shipping is committed to proving the best possible global shipping times possible. To achieve this we use DHL Global Mail.

Typical transit time of parcels is usually 2 – 3 weeks from Thailand to anywhere in the world, sometimes this can be faster depending on the time time of year or how busy the DHL are.


AsianBalm can deliver to anywhere in the world by using DHL. We pride ourselves on our partnership with DHL and the many many locastions we can deliver to.


DHL has annouced the following on the 4th April 2020:


DHL Thailand (Cross Border) would like to update you that we have to temporarily suspend exports of all international postal services to 54 countries as per below lists due to the Corona Virus disease of 2019 (COVID-19). Therefore if our operation inspect and find out the shipment which destined to countries is mentioned, from now on we will return the shipment back to the shipper accordingly.

  • Argentina

  • Azerbaijan

  • Bahamas

  • Bermuda

  • Brazil

  • Brunei

  • Canada

  • Caymman Islands

  • Chad

  • China

  • Costa Rica

  • Cuba

  • Djibouti

  • Ecuador

  • El Salvador

  • French Polynesia

  • Guatemala

  • Guyana

  • Honduras

  • India

  • Iran

  • Italy

  • Jamaica

  • Kuwait

  • Korea

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • Macao

  • Maldives

  • Mauritania

  • Mexico

  • Moldova

  • Mongolia

  • Montenegro

  • Morocco

  • Myanmar

  • New Caledonia

  • Peru

  • Philippines

  • Samoa

  • Somalia

  • South Africa

  • Sri Lanka

  • St. Kitts and Nevis

  • St. Lucia

  • Suriname

  • Taiwan

  • Trinidad and Tobag

  • Tunisia

  • Uruguay

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Vietname

As of the 10th April 2020:


There have been new countries added to the list, please see below:


  • Japan

  • Singapore

Refund Policy


AsianBalm is happy to provide a refund provided one of these conditions are met, otherwise all sales are final:

  • Melted / Leaked
  • Received the wrong items

Please understand the cost of shipping can not be refunded, you agree to this automatically when purchasing our items. 

If your shipment is lost a refund will not be issued, this is not the responsibility of AsianBalm, It is up to you (the buyer) to ensure the correct address is supplied. To resolve lost shipments, you need to talk with DHL as AsianBalm is no longer able to help once the items have been shipped to the address you provided.

The countries listed above are NOT a firm no for us, however for DHL delivery they currently are.

This does not mean we’re unable to ship, please get in contact with us via the Contact Us Page and we’ll check our back-up logistical partner to see if its possible to ship to you. will do its best to get our products to you in this trying time. 

Please be safe everyone, practice social distancing, stay home as much as possible and wear a mask at all times when leaving your home.