Zam-Buk Multipurpose Balm

Zam-Buk Multipurpose Balm



Zam-Buk multipurpose balm goes back generations around the world due to it's amazing healing properties. Zam-Buk promotes the healing of cuts, bruises, burns, scratches and scalds. This wonderful herbal balm eases soreness after shaving, sunburns, rashes, chilblains, cold sores, chafed skin insect bites and stings. Furthermore if you have heat rash, chapped hands or sore aching feet, Zam-Buk Balm is what you reach for.

This herbal balm contains no animal oils or fat. It consists of Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor, Thyme Oil and Colophony. This powerful balm has been used for hundreds of years and hundreds more to come.

Before the introduction of antibiotics this balm was a staple in medical kits, so much so that ambulance men would carry it with them.

You can learn how to perform the correct Thai massage techniques and if you’re curious you can learn about the balm ingredients.

*** AsianBalm ensures you will receive the original balm and not the copy like many others offer.

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