White Tiger Balm Blend

White Tiger Balm Blend


White Tiger Balm

The white is one of the biggest brand names in the balm world. This Balm is world renown for its ability to sooth aches and pains. The White Tiger Balm active ingredients consist of Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil and Clove Oil.

When blended together in precise amounts, the White Tiger Balm is born. When topically applied, this balm can provide relief from headaches, stuffy noses, itchy skin or rashes and insect bites. The amazing properties of this balm can also act as a fast pain relief for over-worked or strained muscles and sprains.

Tiger Balm's amazing pain relief properties attracts athletes worldwide. If you enjoy a long runs or plenty of gym time, this balm is for you!

You can learn how to perform the correct Thai massage techniques and if you’re curious you can learn about the balm ingredients.

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