Siang Pure Inhaler Formula 2

Siang Pure Inhaler Formula 2


Siang Pure Inhaler Formula 2

This inhaler is created by Bertram Chemical (1982) Co., LTD. located in Thailand. The ingredients fused together forming this inhalers oil are Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor and Borneol.

Due to carefully measured ingredients, this oil combats flu symptoms and in addition itchy insect bites, headaches and even vertigo. Widely used therefore trusted throughout the kingdom of Thailand making it a top brand. This inhaler is especially relevant to those that suffer from nasal congestion.

Siang Pure Inhaler Formula 2 has two compartments. Removing the lid reveals the first compartment, a nostril inhaler. Detaching it from the red grip reveals a sponge containing the essential oils from Siang Pure. As the sponge loses its potency, top-up and reassembled. The second compartment found below the red grip contains the Siang Pure Formula 2 oil reservoir.

Because of the special properties that form this oil, achieving relief is easy. To relieve itchy insect bites, relieve headaches, clear nasal congestion and relieve aching joint pain, simply apply the oil or use the inhaler.

In conclusion AsianBalm recommends this oil inhaler. We have tested many oil inhalers and have found this one to be a top contender.


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Weight 100 g


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