Red Tiger Balm Blend


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Red Tiger Balm

The Red Balm has a few other ingredients compared to the white version.

The ingredients are camphor, menthol, Cajuput oil, mint oil, just like the white version. However, this Red balm has 2 more ingredients: clove oil and cassia oil. These two extra ingredients act as a stimulant that create a warmth in the therefore providing a healing effect. The other essential oils help to reduce pain.

Red Tiger Balm creates a warmth used to relieve muscular, joint aches and pains, arthritis pain, rheumatism pain and backaches.

If you are the type of person that does a lot of manual labor or enjoys going to the gym, we recommend using this balm to help soothe and easy your aching muscles.

However if you’re looking for a more aromatic version of this balm, we recommend the White Tiger Balm.

You can learn how to perform the correct Thai massage techniques and if you’re curious you can learn about the balm ingredients.

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Weight100 g


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