Namman Muay Boxing Liniment Oil

Namman Muay Boxing Liniment Oil


Namman Muay Boxing Liniment Oil

This Muay Thai Boxing Liniment Oil consists of Methyl Salicylate & Menthol. Furthermore, use the oil to warm muscles and tendons. The oil will have benefits on the muscles, tendons and joints. Used on a regular basis, this aromatic oil will help improve your physical activities.

Namman Muay Boxing Liniment Oil is an essential oil. This oil provides both warming and cooling sensations, as a result helping with rheumatic problems and arthritis. Used post-exercise, this oil will help regenerate strained muscles, tendons and over-worked joints after sports or even manual labor. Reducing recovery times allow you to get back on your feet faster.

This essential oil spreads easily over the skin due to its complex structure, it has an aromatic scent and provides a quick relief for strained muscles and tendons. Because this oil is fast working and aromatic, AsianBalm highly recommends this oil.

You can learn how to perform the correct Thai massage techniques and if you’re curious you can learn about the balm ingredients.

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