Five Pagodas White Balm

Five Pagodas White Balm


Five Pagodas White Balm

Five Pagodas is a product of Thailand, popular in China, Taiwan and of course Thailand. The active ingredients in this balm are Menthol, Camphor and Methyl Salicylate. These ingredients mixed together in specific quantities create a wonderful aromatic balm.

Five Pagodas White Balm is great for itchy skin, insect bites, headaches, vertigo relief, muscle ache and joint pain. Using the five pagodas is very simple. Apply to the area of skin you would like to treat in a circular motion. Keep away from children and the eyes. If contact with eyes or ingested, seek immediate medical assistance.

Using the Pagoda Balm on a daily basis will increase blood flow through the body. Use on the extremities of the body (calf muscles, forearms and back of the neck). Doing so will open up the vascular system allowing the blood to flow easily therefore reducing aches and pains. You may also apply a small amount to the temples of the head in a circular motion to provide headache relief.

Due to the complex ingredients in some Asian Balm products, we have created an Ingredients Page. This page will give you insight into the properties each product has thus helping you understand what you're purchasing.

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