PhoYok Herbal Balm Ingredients and Uses

PhoYok Herbal Balm is used to relieve the pain of muscles, spines, neck pain, strains, and sprains, and swollen parts. It also helps to reduce pain in the back, knee, ankle, abdomen, and joints. It is made with natural herbs and active ingredients, and it is a famous product for a household in Thailand. 

PhoYok Herbal Balm Ingredients

It is made up of active ingredients and natural herbs. It is GMP certified balm and has no toxic ingredients. The main ingredient are;


Clinacanthus nutans:

It is a natural and active ingredient which has anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps to treat insect bites and other allergies. It is used as herbal medicine also.


Other natural ingredients are;

  • Camphor: It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, and it is used to treat different skin conditions like allergies and relieves pain.
  • Racemic Menthol: It is used to treat swellings and infections.
  • Peppermint oil: It is an essential oil which is used to reduces pain and itches.
  • Cinnamon Oil: It consists of compounds that influence health. It reduces the pain and stress and fights against infections.
  • Soft and Hard Paraffin: It is used as a heat therapy because it relaxes the muscles by increasing the blood flow.


Uses of PhoYok Herbal Balm

The uses of Phoyok herbal balm are:

Helps reduces Neck pain.

Stiffness in the neck can cause pain around the neck parts, and a person cannot move its head freely because he feels severe pain. Neck pain limits the people from natural moving and discomforts them. By applying PhoYok Herbal balm around the neck parts, you can feel relax and reduction in pain because it provides you with immediate relief. It has soothing and analgesic properties which give you comfort and relieving from pain.

Helps reduces Shoulder Pain.

When muscles are torn, or injury occurs in muscles, then you can feel severe pain in the shoulder area. Shoulder pain is very severe, and you cannot move your arms properly. By applying PhoYok herbal balm, you can feel comfortable because it gives you a soothing and cooling effect and reduces the soreness and pain in the shoulder area. If you use this balm immediately, then you have no need to seek medical assistance, and you can treat the pain at home. This balm allows the person to work as a normal routine again.

Helps reduces Sprains

If you twist your body parts incorrectly or if you fall somewhere, then you can get sprains, and it can cause severe pain. This herbal balm used to reduce the pain that is due to sprains. It will give you an immediate and temporary relive and then you can recover slowly.

Reduces Back Pain

Back pain occurs due to improper posture, sitting for a long time or sleeping for a long time in the wrong posture. Herbal balm with its soothing properties will help to reduce the discomfort and pain in the back that is caused by stiffness in muscles of the back.

Relief Muscle Pain

Overexertion and overtraining, or more physical activities can cause swelling or stiffness and pain in muscles. PhoYok herbal balm has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduces swelling in muscles and reduce the pain. You can apply the balm in the affected area, and it will give you immediate relief then you can go back to training again

Relief from Insects Bites

Biting of insects can cause infection and severe pain with swelling of the affected area. Due to its inflammatory properties, the balm can help to reduce the pain and swelling of the biting area.