Thai Foot & Leg Massage

Using the correct technique when performing a foot and leg massage can be vital to relieving pain and stress. Headaches and back pain can originate from tensions located from within the feet and legs, alleviating the tensions will dramatically reduce headaches and back pain. To enhance the relaxation experience and we strongly recommend a strong Asian Balm or oil to help with the aromatics the and heat applied while performing the deep tissue massage.

Thai Upper Back & Arms Massage

Learning how to perform a traditional Thai Upper Back and Arms massage will allow you to relieve back pains. Using this technique you will be able to relieve back pain, shoulder aches and arm aches, you may help reduce Carpal Tunnel! The techniques shown in this video can be done dry or using a Asian Balm, we recommend using a balm to reduce damaging the tissue beneath the skin allowing your hands to glide across the skin more easily.

Thai Neck & Shoulder Massage

Watching this video will teach the correct method to perform a traditional Thai Neck and Shoulders massage. This not only relaxes the the body to relieve stress, but also boosts your well-being. We strongly recommend using an oil or balm when performing these techniques to avoid damaging the tissue beneath the skin. Using warming balms and oils will enhance the relaxation as they expel their aromatics to entice the senses.