Insect Bites & Five Pagodas Massage Balm

The sun is the highlight of most people’s day. After spending all day behind a desk or indoors, many people love to kick off their shoes and chill outside, particularly during the warmer months of the summer. However, humans are not the only species that enjoys the sun – insects love to cosy up to us. So, how can you avoid insect bites while relaxing outdoors or on picnics. Here are a few tips to help.

Keep Covered Up

I know you love to have your arms and legs out in the fresh air, but one of the best ways to avoid an insect bite is to keep arms and legs covered. That does not mean you need to wear a big jumper, but a thin lightweight tee shirt is enough. This will also help protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Avoid Strong Scents

Whether you wear perfume or love to bathe in luxurious scented bubbles, by simply reducing the amount of scent you use you will reduce the attraction for insects. Some deodorants are particularly strong.

Watch Where You Sit

Many wooded areas are a haven to different species of insects. They love to congregate around water and in trees and plants. So if you can avoid sitting too close to these then you will reduce the chances of an insect bite.

What If I Get An Insect Bite?

Most people will get an insect bite at some point in their lives. Insect bites are usually harmless and are just an inconvenience for most people, causing itching, stinging sensations and redness. So if you do receive an insect bite there generally is nothing to worry about. However to treat it you should wash the affected area with soap and water and apply a cold compress for a few minutes. When you have dried the affected area you can then apply a soothing balm, such as Five Pagodas White Balm. Insect bites can cause the skin to be itchy and red for a few days, but the massage balm will quickly soothe the itchiness and reduce the redness, allowing it to heal more quickly.

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Five Pagodas White Balm

Five Pagodas White Balm is made from natural ingredients but is very powerful in reducing inflammation and redness associated with insect stings. Made from menthol, camphor and methyl salicylate this balm is very aromatic, although it should not be applied on stings that are close to the eye.

What If I Develop Other Symptoms?

Occasionally, an allergy to an insect may occur and if this is the case you will be aware quite quickly. For a minority of people the allergy may be very severe causing shortness of breath or swelling of the tongue. If this occurs then immediate medical assistance should be sought. If the insect bite does not respond or subside within a few days or if the swelling increases or you develop other symptoms such as a temperature or aches and pains, then you should contact your medical practitioner for advice as some people may develop milder allergies to some insects.