Thai Golden Cup Balm Original – A Quick Guide

golden cup asian balm thai asianbalmTake a glance inside any kitchen or bathroom cupboards in Thailand, and many parts of Asia for that matter, and you will likely see the unmistakeable crimson and amber box containing a small glass jar of Original Thai Golden Cup Balm.

Thailand’s most popular topical pain-relieving product, Thai Golden Cup Balm is now proving to be a huge hit in the West, and we can instantly understand exactly why that is.

Thai Golden Cup Balm original is ideal for the treatment and management of pain and discomfort as it can alleviate a wide-range of muscular and joint issues, while also helping to ease the symptoms of colds and nasal congestion.

What is Thai Golden Cup Balm Original?

This balm is considered to be Thailand’s primary pain-relieving product and is a staple in the majority of homes in Thailand and many parts of Asia.

Containing all-natural ingredients including: Camphor, Cinnamon oil, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil, and much more besides, it is a topical balm designed to be applied directly to the skin where it instantly gets to work alleviating pain and discomfort, reducing inflammation, and providing instant relief from muscular and joint issues.


What can Thai Golden Cup Balm Original be used for?

This balm, as already mentioned, is a topical balm which is designed to help ease pain and discomfort, but what exactly can it be used for?

Some key uses of Thai Golden Cup Balm Original include:

  • For the relief of headaches
  • On insect bites
  • To help ease congestion
  • To relieve muscular pain
  • To help reduce inflammation
  • To ease stiff joints
  • To help treat dizziness
  • To relieve muscle cramps
  • And more…

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What are the key ingredients found in Original Thai Golden Cup Balm?

Made with all-natural botanicals, some of the main ingredients in this balm include the following:


Methyl Salicylate

Methyl Salicylate is an extract that comes from Wintergreen plants.

The essential oil extracted from the leaves of this plant helps to treat minor aches and pains of the joints and the muscles, such as arthritis, or inflammation, along with general aches and pains.

The oil helps to soothe the skin and create a cooling and warming sensation which helps to numb the affected area.



Camphor is a topical ingredient which has a number of uses. Renowned for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties, it is great when applied to the skin to help treat wounds and insect bites.

It also helps to ease muscle spasms and cramps, making it great when used after strenuous activity.


Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil comes from the Eucalyptus tree and helps to ease congestion of the nasal cavity, helping to clear blockages and open the airways.

It also helps to ease muscular and joint pain and discomfort by providing anti-inflammatory benefits.


Menthol oil

Obtained from a plant of the mint family, menthol oil helps to ease tense muscles, it helps to open up the airways, it eases inflammation, and it has a cooling sensation on the skin.


Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil contains anti-inflammatory compounds such as cinnamaldehyde, which helps to reduce pain and discomfort when applied to the skin. It is also anti-bacterial, making it great for use on insect bites and open wounds.

How to use the balm?

  • Begin by carefully applying the balm onto the affected area you wish to treat.
  • Carefully, yet firmly, massage the balm onto the affected part of your body and let it get to work instantly.
  • Massage onto sore and cramping muscles after strenuous exercise.
  • Apply a very thin layer to the inside of the nostrils and inhale to ease nasal congestion and blockages.
  • Apply the balm to an injured part of the body, or to an itchy rash or insect bite.