4 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Over the last few years, more and more people have found themselves turning to Asian balms such as Siang Pure Balm Yellow, Thai Golden Cup Balm, Siang Pure Balm White, White Tiger Balm, and many more besides.

These balms have been found to be so popular because they help to alleviate a whole variety of different symptoms and ailments ranging from sore muscles after a workout, to chronic migraines.

These balms are considered to be more beneficial than prescription and over the counter medicines and painkillers because they contain natural ingredients and they help to tackle a problem head on, rather than simply masking any pain and discomfort.

If you read the ingredients of many of these balms, one of the key ingredients is Eucalyptus oil.

But why is Eucalyptus oil so prominent in so many balm blends? Let’s take a look, shall we? Here are 4 mind-blowing benefits of Eucalyptus oil.


Eucalyptus Oil ingredient asian balm medical natural remedy

Helps clear your chest

One of the most prominent benefits associated with Eucalyptus oil is the fact that it can help to clear your chest.

There is nothing worse than constantly coughing and coughing, with nothing seeming to clear it up. a tickly and persistent cough on the chest can not only affect you in the day, it can also affect your sleep too.

Eucalyptus oil is great in this instance as it helps to loosen mucus on and around the chest so that when you do cough, you loosen it until you can expel it from your body entirely.


Helps you to breathe better

If you’re struggling to breathe properly, perhaps after suffering from a nasty cold or virus, Eucalyptus oil could be the solution.

Using a balm containing Eucalyptus oil on the chest can help to promote better breathing as the oil helps to interact with mucus membranes. This again not only loosens the mucus, it also makes it easier for you to cough it up, thereby helping to clear the airways.


Great for the joints

Do you suffer from sore, aching, and stiff joints? If so, then a balm containing Eucalyptus oil could be perfect.

The oil has been found to help fight and prevent inflammation which can cause your joints to feel painful, sore, and stiff. Simply rubbing the balm onto the affected area will help to ease inflammation and free up the joints, thereby reducing pain and discomfort and improving mobility at the same time.


Helps alleviate headaches

Another great reason why balms containing Eucalyptus oil are so popular is because they have been found to help alleviate headaches.

This essential oil helps to reduce pressure in the sinuses which could build up and cause tension and pain in and around the head, resulting in a painful headache.

Not only that, but the vapour from the oil is also great for improving mental focus and clarity as it can help to wake you up and invigorate you.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, it can also ease tension in and around the neck and jaw, which again is great for reducing the severity of a headache, or preventing one entirely.